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PhishingBox provides three different versions of the phishing simulator. The different versions include a single company license for internal use, a multi-client account for audit and security firms and an option for resellers and channel partners. Within each license, there are different levels or capabilities available.
Key features of the different versions are outlined below.

Single Company

The single company license is for internal company use. This license allows any company to conduct unlimited phishing awareness training on their employees. The single-company phishing awareness training is available in three levels: basic, standard and enterprise. The single company license is a provided on per-seat basis with one, two or three-year contracts. The key features of each level are outlined below.

Phishing Templates   
Unlimited Phishing Tests Link
Preset Template Library
Customizable Template Library
Template Creation
Website Cloning Tool
Professional Template Services
Phishing Awareness Training   
Built-In Training Content
Learning Management (LMS Integrations)
Training Page Creation
Tiered Training and Coursework Module
Non-Campaign Training Invites
Random Target Selection
Variable Campaigns
Random Template Campaigns
Multiple Template Campaigns
Statistical Sampling
Branded Reports
Print & Export Reports
Schedule Realtime Email Alerts for Campaigns
Basic Reporting
Advanced Reporting
Interactive Reports (Coming Soon)
Reporting API
Outlook Plugin to Report Suspicious Email
Learning Management (LMS Integrations)
Active Directory Integration
Advanced API Integration
Support Resources and Email Support
Email and Phone Support
By Seat - Annual PricingBasicStandardEnterprise
1 - 24$13.00$16.00$19.00
25 - 49$12.00$15.00$18.00
50 - 99$11.00$13.00$16.00
100 - 249$10.00$12.00$14.00
250 - 499$8.00$10.00$12.00
500 - 999$7.00$9.00$11.00
1,000 - 1,999$6.00$8.00$10.00
2,000 - 2,999$5.00$7.00$9.00
3,000 - 4,999$4.00$6.00$8.00
5,000 - 9,999$3.00$5.00$7.00
10,000+Request Custom Quote
We provide multi-year discounts!
Pricing discounts are available to Non-Profits and Educational Institutions.


The multi-client license is for companies, such as Audit or Security firms, that conduct phishing awareness testing and training as part of their service offerings. The multi-client account provides the same phishing features the single client business account, but with some distinct differences. Several of the key features are outlined below.

Unlimited Clients

With a multi-client license, you can have as many clients or target recipients. There are no per-client fees. Pricing is based on the emails sent, not the number of clients.

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Bulk Email Pool

The account is based on a pool of emails for a given period, generally one-year. These emails can be sent to one or more of the targets across the various clients.

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Training Content

The targets can be provided training content from within the system or can be linked to outside content such as client provided, or your company provided training.

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Reseller / Channel Partner

The PhishingBox Channel Partnership was designed to promote and engage partnerships with global resellers. Through our web-based portal, Channel Partners can easily manage every aspect of their clients and accounts, while also having full access to our robust support team, features, and technology integrations. Channel Partners have access to deep discounts, exclusive offerings, and one-on-one service and support.

Account Management

Easily configure new accounts and manage their access. The easy-to-use dashboard and menus allow you keep on top of your clients.

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White Label

We allow firms to white label the platform for your own brand. Add a new business line without the development and overhead.

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Volume Pricing

We provide discounted pricing for increased volume. The more you buy, the bigger your discount.

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