Learning Management System (LMS)

The PhishingBox LMS is an easy-to-use system for managing employee training. Our approach to online training for an organization is to combine accessibility with automation. The LMS provides a simple, SCORM-compliant system for managing online training for any size company. The LMS is simple for the novice to use, but powerful enough for enterprise.


The LMS integrates with many platforms, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, okta, onelogin, PingOne Ping Identity, OpenLDAP and MS Active Directory via LDAP.

SCORM Compliant

Any SCORM-compliant courses can be imported into the LMS. Non-SCORM compliant courses can also be created within the system.

Content Providers

Through our network of content providers, a wide range of courses can be obtained to use in training and imported into the PhishingBox LMS.

Human Risk Management

PhishingBox's LMS integrates seamlessly with the phishing simulator as part of human risk management. This integration allows an organization to easily conduct human risk management along with phishing simulations to test employee susceptibility to social engineering.

Application Programming Interface (API)

In today's interconnected world, a functioning API is critical. The LMS includes a comprehensive API for an organization to initiate enrollment, reporting, and more.
With the API, the functionality of the system is limitless. One common use of the API involves tying the LMS to HR systems for employee onboarding. Another use is the reporting of employee training compliance to enterprise dashboards.


Learning System Features

Dedicated Portal

Through a dedicated portal, employees have a central location to take assigned courses or remedial training.

School Library

Each account comes with free courses to easily assign training to employees on security awareness and related topics.

SCORM Support

Create full courses by uploading SCORM zip files and track the progress of your users' security training education.

Customizable Courses

Edit any of our courses to best fit your organization or create your own courses to train on your organization's specific needs.

Easy Enrollment

You can easily filter employees and assign training. With the auto-enroll failure feature enabled, remedial training is assigned automatically.

Track Course Status

From the dashboard, easily see the status of employee training. Quickly assess enrollment and completion status for training.

Token Training

Secure and encrypted, our token-based training content assignment method provides a safe learning environment.

Partner Courses

We work with the biggest names in content creation to supplement our own training modules. Check out our list of current phishing and security training content providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. We include the integrated LMS into our human risk management and phishing simulator.
No. We integrate our phishing simulator with other learning management systems. Learn more about the phishing simulator here.
Yes. You can create your own courses or material within the platform or you can upload SCORM-formatted courses.
Yes. You can upload and use SCORM courses.
We provide basic security courses with the PhishingBox LMS. In addition, you may obtain training material from any of our content providers. Learn more about our content providers here.

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