About PhishingBox

Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness Training Provider

Founded in 2005 in Lexington, Kentucky by Brad Fenster, a former FDIC auditor, PhishingBox started its life as a tool used for conducting social engineering testing at the audit and consulting firm, Styzer Risk Management (Styzer). In 2011, Styzer’s name was changed to PhishingBox. As PhishingBox continued to grow, it became a proven cybersecurity training and a trusted partner for many IT professionals. In 2016, that growth led PhishingBox to merge with its longtime partner eLink Design, to create the company we have today. Virtually overnight, the PhishingBox team swelled to over 35 people and is well positioned to continue its phenomenal growth moving forward.

The PhishingBox system is simple to use, very cost-effective and helps clients reduce risk and achieve cybersecurity objectives. By focusing on phishing, our clients can meet a significant need while using a highly automated method. PhishingBox checks for vulnerabilities irrespective of networks, systems and applications. Our phishing test for employees help keep them on alert for security threats that can compromise your company.