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Scanning & Reporting Email Threats

KillPhish™ is an advanced email threat protection add-in for Microsoft 365. It scans known threats on Windows, Mac/iOS, and Android for Outlook Desktop, Web, and Mobile. It enables reporting phishing and other types of threats (Google and Microsoft add-ins). Each inbox's risk profile is unique and KillPhish can help expose security threat signs.


Net Reporter Score

Learn how to help score and rank user risk level in your organization.

KillPhish™ helps users learn what to look for using our email scoring method.

  • Integration
  • Integration
    Google Workspace
  • Apple
  • Android


Phishing Simulator

KillPhish™ add-in seamlessly integrates with our Phishing Simulator to produce additional reporting with Net Reporter Scores.

Easy to Deploy

KillPhish™ reporting button works with Google and Microsoft (inbox scanning feature available for Microsoft only).

Live Inbox Training

KillPhish™ helps users learn what to look for using each email as a learning opportunity, combined with human risk management.

Extend the Endpoint

KillPhish™ pushes your endpoint protection even further and helps users better determine a real threat versus legitimate emails.

Multiple Sources

KillPhish™ gathers IP addresses, domains, email addresses, keywords, and other threat types from different sources.

Net Reporter Score™

With the Net Reporter Score, organizations have a simple-to-understand metric for measuring security awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

KillPhish™ works on Microsoft/Office 365 mailboxes. It works on Outlook desktop, Outlook web app (OWA), and the Outlook app for mobile devices.
Yes. You can customize the message displayed to users when they successfully report a suspicious message.
When a simulated phishing email is reported, a "Reported" action will get logged on that phishing test report. As part of this reporting, the Net Reporter Score or NRS will be updated as well.
KillPhish™ uses a variety of methods to give a score to the message to determine the risk. These methods include known bad actors, SPF records, IP addresses, domains, keywords, and more.
Yes. The email scoring can be turned off on the KillPhish™ plugin.
Within the KillPhish™ plugin, the reasons for the message being flagged are shown to the users. This helps the user to understand how to review messages in the future.

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