Platform Ecosystem

From cybersecurity threats to regulatory requirements, organizations must address information security. Human risk management is a key component of an information security program. In addition to training, having the ability to test employees' security awareness helps determine an organization’s efficacy when it comes to information security.


Cybersecurity Training

Phishing testing and other cybersecurity training is a continuous process of testing and remediation training. With the PhishingBox platform, organizations can implement a comprehensive human risk management program using the products listed on this page. PhishingBox provides a suite of security tools to implement a human risk management program including threat protection tools for end users and security staff.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide an integrated, SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver training to users. Have your own LMS? No problem, third-party LMS's can also be integrated into our systems.

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Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulations

Through the phishing simulator, organizations can conduct realistic phishing tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their employees' security awareness. Our phishing simulator is robust and allows for complex testing schedules, a dynamic template library, editing of templates, and more.

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KillPhish™ Scan & Report

KillPhish™ is an email plugin to help users evaluate emails and report suspicious emails to an organization’s security operations. Any reported simulated phishing emails improve an organization’s Net Reporter Score or NRS. The scanning capabilities of KillPhish™ provide indications to employees of potential threats from suspicious emails.

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Security Inbox

Security Inbox

Security Inbox is a tool used by a security operations center or other technology staff to manage suspicious emails reported by employees. Security Inbox provides capabilities to research threat characteristics of the emails and provide automated responses and replies to employees.

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What You Can Expect

US-based Support

Our Customer Success Team and Technical Support are both in-house and included without tiers. We don't outsource or offshore.

Secure Data Center

We maintain a robust security and compliance program. Learn more about our security and compliance practices in our Trust Center.

Multi-client Capabilities

PhishingBox allows auditors, MSPs, and others the ability to conduct phishing and human risk management for many clients.


We integrate with several popular third-party services: LMS, SSO, CRM, and HRIS. View a complete list on our integrations page.

Simple to Use

No technical expertise required. Through intuitive menus, you will be using the system in no time.

No Software to Install

The system is web-based so there's no special software required. Management of the system is conducted through standard web browsers. View system screenshots here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. We offer all prospective clients the opportunity to test the system. Please contact us and we will gladly demo the system, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a trial account.
Yes. As a data processor, PhishingBox maintains compliant systems. Learn more about our GDPR compliance practices on the GDPR section of our Trust Center.
Yes. We allow clients to choose the location where their data resides. We have data centers in the U.S. and in the E.U. Learn more about the EU Instance from our Trust Center EU page.
Yes, we provide managed phishing services. Learn more about Managed Phishing Services here.
Yes. There is no software to install. All users access the system via a standard web browser. Setup and management of the system can be done by any novice security professional. We also provide support for anyone needing help getting the system running. Once you become an official PhishingBox client, we will have your account fully functional within an hour. Your initial account setup, population of target users, LMS integration, and campaign creation will take about 2-3 hours. Moving forward, customizing and sending out additional campaigns takes 10 minutes or less.

Additional Resources

PhishingBox Ecosystem

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Business Case

This document provides an overview of the benefits of using PhishingBox's Phishing Simulator and ongoing cybersecurity training.


Prevention Checklist

This document outlines controls that should be implemented to prevent or minimize phishing attacks.