PhishingBox Solution Provider Program

PhishingBox was started as a multi-client platform to provide a tool for an audit company to provide testing to its clients. However, we knew if one company needed these capabilities, so would others. As we have grown, we have increased the capabilities of the system, but have never left our original insight that partners are a primary focus. Our platform can be used by many companies to provide security awareness training and phishing testing to their clients.

Many Types of Companies

In the current environment, information security is the responsibility of all organizations. From cybersecurity threats to regulatory requirements, organizations must address information security. Therefore, security awareness training is a critical component of any good information security program. With the PhishingBox platforms, an organization of any size can implement a robust security awareness training program.

Training your end users helps minimize the threat from phishing and other social engineering attacks. Our solution is customizable to fit many organizations ranging from auditing and consulting firms to training and managed service providers.

Solutions Providers

White-Label Ready

Our platform can be white labeled, so your users only see your brand. Like an iceberg, your clients see your brand above the water, and our system is running everything underneath. If you evaluate one of our competitors, they may be using our platform already! There are three simple principles as to why our platform white labeling is beneficial to you and your clients:

Like having an in-house developer for a fraction of the cost.

  • Our dedicated team of talented developers is constantly adding new features, fixing bugs, and listening to customer feedback.

We are providing you with a refined product.

  • Our platform has been through beta tests, revisions, troubleshooting, and countless other fine-tuning optimization processes.

Take advantage of our expert work.

  • Our platform has a dedicated team of developers, support specialists, and content creators to add new landing pages, security courses, and support articles.
Content providers

Training Courses

You can use training courses from our default library, use courses from our content providers, or create and share your own courses. Courses can be deployed via our Learning Management System or integrate via standard integrations or the custom use of our API.

The PhishingBox LMS provides a simple, SCORM-compliant system for managing online training for any size client. You can also import or use any SCORM-compliant course into the system while still having the option to create Non-SCORM compliant courses within the system.

Solutions providers 2

Phishing Testing

Solution providers can use the multi-client capabilities to test their clients via phishing. Phishing testing provides insight into how well a company's security awareness training programs are working while also showing which employees are most likely to be susceptible to a phishing email. Our platform provides many different types of reports as well as comparative reports on multiple tests to see a pattern of who is being lured. You or your clients can export in PDF or CSV format along with tapping into our report system using our API.

Solution providers who utilize phishing testing can proactively combat email-based social engineering attacks and strengthen your most overlooked security asset, the human element. Clients' employees are on the frontline in the phishing battle and you can't win without them being adequately trained and tested.

Solutions providers 2

PhishingBox Solution Provider Features

Multi-client Capable

Our platform can be used to deliver training or testing content to many clients.

Phishing Testing

Use the Phishing Simulator to create phishing campaigns to test the workforce of an organization.

Training Courses

Deploy training courses to your clients through our LMS or integrate with the client LMS.

Marketing Material

We will provide you with marketing material that can be branded for your organization or co-branded if you choose.


If you have trouble, we are here to help. We have chat, email, and phone support available from 9am - 8pm ET. Our online support documentation system is always accessible.

Custom Branding

You have the option to remove the PhishingBox brand and use your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. The PhishingBox system can be used to conduct simulated phishing attacks on your clients. The client will have to authorize such tests, but there are automated methods for this approval.
We have an API that can be configured to provide information to or from your platform.
Yes. We allow white labeling of the system. This allows you to brand the system as your own.
You will provide first-line support and we provide support to help you with any issues. With this method, your clients will contact you and you will bring us into the conversation on an as-needed basis.
The solution provider usually adds some value to the client, such as conducting phishing tests, or helping the client with use of the system. A reseller only provides the licenses to the platform and all subsequent activities would be handled by PhishingBox.
Yes. As a solution provider, you establish a fee to pay us for the use of the system. What fee you charge your clients is up to you. We have organizations that bundle our platform into other services the client is paying for.