Programmatically use PhishingBox

We understand an organization may have other systems to manage and maintain employee or client information. As such, we have developed a robust application programming interface (API) to connect these systems with the PhishingBox Ecosystem of security tools.

The PhishingBox API gives a robust set of calls for accessing or manipulating the data in your PhishingBox account. Through API calls and organization, you can import targets, launch training or testing campaigns, and receive reports.


PhishingBox API Use Cases

The PhishingBox API allows for integration of the PhishingBox solution into a wide variety of applications, systems, and business workflows. Below are three examples.

Security Dashboard Integration

Easily integrate phishing testing data into a security data board.

Third-party Target Management

Link PhishingBox into other systems to streamline target management.

Custom Front-end

Include phishing simulation into any custom application or triggers.

Additional Resources

PhishingBox Ecosystem

This brochure provides an overview of the PhishingBox security awareness ecosystem.


Business Case

This document provides an overview of the benefits of using PhishingBox's Phishing Simulator and ongoing cybersecurity training.


Prevention Checklist

This document outlines controls that should be implemented to prevent or minimize phishing attacks.