Striving for Maximum Campaign Efficacy

When analyzing the results of a phishing campaign, combating false positives is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Every security professional on any platform faces this problem every day. Being able to safelist their phishing simulator entirely is crucial.

Detecting Real Failed Phishing Tests

At PhishingBox, we are actively developing multiple ways to ensure our Phishing Simulator is integrated smoothly, including what we call "Advanced Human Detection" (AHD) and "Delayed Failures." With these features, our client portal will delay marking actions as failures unless 100% identification is made via our AHD algorithm. If a match is not made, it will be up to the administrator to review these actions to determine the proper failure response.

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Intelligent Validation

We all hear the common sayings: "This is ridiculous; I would never click on any links." or "I know I didn't fail; why am I being enrolled?" Reactions like this typically occur for two reasons: you have someone trying to get out of training, or bots/software are crawling campaign emails. Either way, AHD will help ease the pain and solve the problem of false positives.


Top Features

  • Save time by eliminating the need to check click results
  • Access international database of user agents and IP networks
  • Increase confidence in your results
  • No additional data collection or software needed
  • Speed up workflows
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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

AHD helps security professionals ensure the results of phishing tests are more accurate. In today’s modern email systems, links in every send are inspected by providers.
Advanced Human Detection uses different sources and indicators to figure out if someone clicking a link is using anti-virus or spam-protection software. AHD learns your network’s topography and system. Some obvious indicators are mouse movements, link traps, timing, and data from other sources to help accurately identify if someone clicked on the link in the email or not.
Yes, false positives are still possible, but AHD is configured to review them and learn more about your setup to remove them in the future.