Human Risk Management Is Critical

Human risk management is a key component of all employee training programs. With the PhishingBox suite of security tools, any organization can implement a robust security training program. The threat from cyber criminals is not going away. Training your end users helps to minimize the threat from phishing and other social engineering attacks.

Every Day...

  • 156 million phishing emails are sent
  • 16 million phishing emails get through security filters and into inboxes
  • 8 million phishing emails are opened and 800,000 links in those emails are clicked
  • 80,000 recipients fall for a phishing scam

Excellent service, great customer support, and fully functional training modules.


Let Us Give You a Hand

We provide PhishingBox security courses along with courses from our third-party content providers. These courses range from general security information to specific courses on phishing, social engineering, and more. Security is only as good as the weakest component. Through realistic phishing tests, an organization can evaluate if their employees are susceptible to phishing threats or other social engineering attacks.

When someone fails a phishing test, the organization has the option to provide a training moment to give security training information at that point. Alternatively, the person could be automatically enrolled into a specific training course to be taken at a later time. Course programs are a combination of several courses that can be grouped together. The course program allows an organization to require several courses to be taken to complete a requirement.

In addition to training courses, administrators can send security tips to employees. These tips provide easy-to-digest information to help improve end-user security.

You can expect:

  • Assigning training can be time consuming. With auto-enrollment, training can easily be assigned.
  • With robust reporting capabilities, organizations can understand their security posture.
  • We have several content providers for security courses. Learn more about our content providers here.
  • With webhooks, security administrators can be notified if someone fails a phishing test.