Phishing Simulation & Human Risk Management

Improve security with phishing simulation and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.

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Phishing Simulation & Human Risk Management

Improve security with phishing simulation and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.

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Programmatic Human Risk Management

Establishing a robust security awareness training program is a necessity in today's cybercrime-prone environment. Security threats and compliance mandates require ongoing security awareness training for most organizations. With the PhishingBox suite of software tools, an organization can establish a sound employee security awareness program.


Simplify Platform Management

PhishingBox integrates with several popular third-party, cloud-based services.

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Platform Features

Pre-built Phishing Scenarios

Save time and money with pre-built phishing emails and other advanced tools.

Easy-to-use Interface

No training needed to conduct social engineering testing.

Automated Workflow

Save time and resources through the menu-driven system.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get the data you need to identify security weaknesses.

Multi-client Capabilities

Use one system to easily conduct testing for multiple clients.

Managed Services

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on building your business.

Trusted by millions of clients around the world

Working in Healthcare during a global pandemic leaves plenty of opportunity for phishers, the interest and urgency is already there. This product has boosted our resilience against such attacks. Templates are quick and easy to set up and apply to campaigns.

Matthew B.
ICT Team Leader

Easy interface/dashboard, very real campaigns, love the training that happens if someone "fails", Helps provide insight on if additional training is needed for staff, great training provided.

Danielle P.
Small Business Owner

I like that it doubles as phishing training and general cybersecurity training. Their support is also quick and helpful to respond.

Bryan W
IT Specialist

PhishingBox is a great tool to teach end users how to recognize Phishing and Spam emails. It's easy to use, cost-effective, and results-driven. We recently began using the training modules as well. Great content.

Leslie C.
IT Director

I liked the overall ease of use the most. We were able to tailor the templates to match what we were trying to accomplish. I liked the reporting features and overall the reports in general. The knowledge we gathered from these reports helped target the end users who failed the test.

Andrew M.
Security Analyst