Identify and Eliminate Email Threats

With Security Inbox, you can identify email threat patterns faster than ever. Deploy resources where your enterprise needs them and stop wasting valuable time tracking down false positives. Security Inbox gives you a place to centralize all email threats being reported and allows you to manage your own layer of blocklists combined with PhishingBox Advanced Threat Graph (ATG) of email addresses, domain names, URLs, IP addresses, and other points of interest.

  • Intuitive Design

    Mitigate hostile phishing campaigns with ease.

  • KillPhish™ Compatible

    Seamlessly integrates with the KillPhish™ extension, taking phishing email reporting & analysis to the next level.

Phishing Simulation

Lightweight Threat Identification and Mitigation

Security Inbox bridges the gap between security training and daily threat operation management. Our endpoint software allows you to deploy and use Security lnbox quickly with any dedicated IMAP email account.


Threat Mitigation

Respond to the most pressing phishing threats quickly. Easily search for and destroy email threats in real-time.

Attack Replication

Clone active phishing threats into simulated phishing campaigns. This gives your users a better idea of what to look for in their inbox.

Easy Integration

Security Inbox integrates seamlessly into your email solution and our KillPhish add-in for Microsoft 365 and G Suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

No. This software is included with the Phishing Simulator.
Nothing. Security Inbox is a lightweight, web-based email client. It can be used with most modern browsers, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
Yes. Automatic replies can be set up and template replies can be used by administrators to send to end users manually.
A simulated phishing email that is sent from PhishingBox will be identified by Security Inbox and will update the NRS score within the Phishing Simulator.
The cloning feature removes potentially harmful elements of an email and makes a copy that can then be used within the Phishing Simulator.

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