NINJIO is a premier global cybersecurity awareness & simulated phishing training solution that uses engaging, 3-to-4-minute Hollywood-style microlearning videos to educate and empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyber threats. According to Gartner's Peer Insights "Voice of the Customer" report for 2021, NINJIO has been designated as the only "Voice of the Customer" in the computer-based training solutions on the market, out of 42 total vendors covered by Gartner.

Animated Episodes

NINJIO produces 3 to 4-minute micro-learning episodes that educate your users on the latest threats and breaches. NINJIO releases a new episode every month, which keeps your team up to date.

Real Attacks

Every episode is based on a real company that has suffered a significant breach. NINJIO focus on a single attack vector to not overwhelm your employees with technical terms.

Hollywood Writing

Each episode is written by a member of the Writers Guild of America who has written and produced a combined total of 72 episodes for CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0.

Training Offers

NINJIO serves some of the largest companies in the world and have changed the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people through engaging, emotionally-driven storytelling.

NINJIO Aware Anime

NINJIO AWARE™ ANIME uses American anime cartoon characters to educate users about cybersecurity awareness. This video format uses NINJIO’s signature Hollywood-style storytelling that shapes the behavior of employees, staff, and team members to raise the security bar in the office and at home.

NINJIO Aware Corporate

NINJIO AWARE™ CORPORATE uses a more conservative style of animation and character sets compared to NINJIO AWARE™ ANIME. No matter the style, each episode is derived from the same topic, script, and voice acting, with the only difference being different character styles.

Sample Training Pages

After a user clicks on a phishing campaign they will be shown a training page. Below are a few training pages using NINJIO content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NINJO uses animation for its training videos. The training videos use drama instead of comedy to present the material.
Yes. The NINJO episodes are 3-4 minutes in length.
NINJO provides new training content every month.
Yes, the NINJO content provides quizzes that the end of every episode.
Yes, the episodes are subtitled into many different languages.
Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs.