Large Library

We offer a supermarket full of training content options. Train your employees and clients with the content that works best for you and your organization. With our training content library, there’s something for everyone with endless aisles of shelves stocked and ready.

Industry’s Biggest Names

We don’t just have a lot of options. We have the industry’s best content from the biggest names in security awareness training course creation. Whether you like anime or traditional slides with voiceovers, we have gamified cybersecurity training modules designed to evoke learning, education, and retention.

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On-demand Access

The best proactive phishing awareness training maintains flexibility to adapt to new, real-world threats and themes. Being able to access the entire content library and obtain exactly what you need for your organization is key to improving your human firewall and overall security posture.


Top Features

  • Wide variety
  • Easy, on-demand access
  • Award-winning courses
  • Pay-as-you-add pricing
  • Designed for end users
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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. With every package, you’ll get access to our PhishingBox content. Additional courses and packages are available a la carte to supply additional training or particular training course types.
Of course. You can add additional content packages per user. Only need one of our partner packages for a particular department or client? No problem.
Our content library is vast and contains a wide variety of themes and threat types. We’re always adding the latest attack angles. If you have a specific request, you can submit it for review and consideration. As we add content, we’ll evaluate the difficulty and relative frequency of the request as we generate new resources.