PhishingBox Reseller Program

The PhishingBox reseller program allows companies to resell the PhishingBox platform to other organizations. With this program, PhishingBox handles all the details of deployment, customer onboarding, etc. If you are interested in using our tool for your clients or creating additional value for clients, check our other partner programs. The Reseller Program is primarily used as a procurement vehicle for some organizations.

Simple Pricing

We work with our resellers to establish a simple pricing structure per seat. This all-in-one price makes it easy for customers to use a reseller for procurement.


Ease of Deployment

Everybody wins when you sign up as a reseller for PhishingBox. You focus on selling the platform and growing your business while Phishingbox handles all the client's details. Once the end user purchases the licenses, your work is done as we handle onboarding the client, training the client, and providing any after-sales support.



We understand the need to protect your brand's reputation. Your brand is your livelihood, and we know that. So there is nothing more critical than strengthening your customers' loyalty and protecting your brand's sterling reputation. We have been providing security awareness training and phishing testing for many years. Our platform has gone through rounds of optimization to provide the absolute best experience in the security awareness training and phishing testing market.


Great Support

Ensuring the best service possible is an absolute necessity in the current market and Phishingbox is here to help. We are always here, ready to respond to any of your or your clients' requests. Account executives are with you the whole way, ready to answer any questions you or your clients may have. In addition, our highly trained and dedicated support team is prepared to assist you with either expert phone call support or email support, and we provide detailed software documentation on our website. Our goal is for you to be successful, ensuring peace of mind we are ready to support you and your clients with whatever you may need.


PhishingBox Reseller Program Features

Discounted Pricing

We establish customized pricing with you based on your expected volume or purchasing commitment.

Language Support

Our platform includes support for multiple languages.


We can create custom programs so that you can resell a unique product or package.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions you have remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Our standard resellers generally do not add any additional features or services. While our solution partners are adding additional components such as services, training, etc. A solution partner is also the first point of contact for a user. A standard reseller's clients contact PhishingBox directly after the sale for support, onboarding, training, etc.
Yes, but most of our solution providers would like to be the direct point of contact for the client.
This depends. We establish individual agreements with resellers based on volume, commitments, etc.
Yes, you can resell the training from our content providers.