Centralized Location

Cut through the clutter of having multiple vendors requiring different logins creating more barriers between your employees or clients and their required training courses. Get the most use out of our interconnected ecosystem of solutions with the ease of simple target management in one spot.

Multiple Campaign Types

Test your human firewall’s readiness with realistic simulated phishing campaigns. Train your employees or clients on the importance of cybersecurity awareness with our dedicated training campaign option designed to educate before sending out more phishing readiness campaigns. Combined, these two efforts create a holistic approach to strengthen overall security posture.

Template Editor

Library of Content

With access to the industry’s best phishing test templates and a wide variety of training content courses, you can create, customize, and cultivate a culture centered on protecting your company’s data and private information. When it comes to content, no one delivers a wider array of award-winning options.


Top Features

  • Single-source vendor login
  • Holistic training approach
  • Content customization
  • Campaign wizard
  • Simple target management
Template Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. Our dedicated portal provides scheduling features to blend seamlessly to your existing workflows. Schedule random template and content training sends or select the themes and content of your choosing that speaks more directly to particular departments or clients.
Our customer success and support teams are dedicated to getting you the most out of our platform in an efficient, effective manner. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can always contact your account representative, utilize the portal’s feedback function, call us directly, or reach out to [email protected].
No. Our training email and phishing test simulations are delivered directly to your targets’ inboxes. Simplified management for you in our dedicated portal provides access to set up campaigns and track reportable metrics as necessary.