Automated Reminders

With our automated reminder feature enabled, you can notify your employees and end users they have an assigned training course to complete. A “set it and forget it” approach that allows you to focus on your full-time tasks without worry.

Customizable Content

Our LMS includes a basic library of SCORM-compliant training content. With a few clicks, you can customize our courses, add your own SCORM-compliant content, or enhance and enrich your offerings with partner-provided training.


Integration Options

With a wide selection of platform integrations, you can not only customize the content, but the way you need it delivered. Our LMS allows for seamless integration with existing workflows, applications, and systems courtesy of our API.

Template Editor

Top Features

  • Large training library
  • Integration options
  • Scheduling
  • Additional content providers
  • Multiple delivery methods

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Our product team and partners create new content daily. If there’s a specific need, let us know via our feedback feature within the portal, email your account executive directly, or visit our contact us page.
Yes. In addition to creating randomized content campaigns, our LMS training platform allows you to select topical courses that speak directly to your particular industry, vendors you use, or individual departments / targets.
Our API provides integration with existing workflows, systems, and applications so you can get the most out of our solutions in the most efficient and effective manner possible for your organization.