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Phishing Platform Target ResultsPhishing is the most common cyberattack.  The PhishingBox phishing simulation platform creates user resilience and drives awareness by simulating and testing real phishing and spear-phishing.  This phishing platform allows you to:
• Reduce the chance of social engineering attacks being successful
• Assess risk across your company
• Measure effectiveness of your risk reduction efforts
• Provide protection against attack vectors like ransomware and credential
Your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks.  You need a more developed approach to protecting them.  With the PhishingBox Phishing Simulator you can see how prone your employees are to a phishing attack. 

Choose from many different templates to test your employees.
Some common phishing tactics include:
          • “We suspect unauthorized activity on your account.”  These emails
            request you to respond by claiming that your account security has been
          • “Verify your account …” Legitimate businesses will not ask you to send
            passwords, login names, Social Security numbers or other personal information
            via email.
          • “If you don’t respond within 24 hours, your account will be closed.”
             Fraudsters attempt to create a sense of urgency to make you respond quickly
            without thinking.
Study after study shows that over 90% of all successful computer attacks start with a phishing email.  30% of spear phishing emails are opened.  12% of phishing links or attachments are opened by your employees.  Not surprisingly, this makes phishing and spear phishing two of the most successful and financially damaging attack vectors.  The best solution is our PhishingBox Phishing Simulator that has suitable emails and landing pages for phishing tests. 
PhishingBox has accumulated knowledge through years of experience.  Much experience has been incorporated into our different phishing campaign templates.  If you don’t want to use one of our templates, you can design and launch entirely custom-built phishing simulations. Train, educate and improve the knowledge of your people in the area of cyber threats with our Phishing Simulator.
The phishing platform is the perfect tool to test employees’ ability to identify fraudulent emails and phishing attempts.  It makes it possible for any size company or organization to create phishing simulations that can be completely adapted to the various risks that businesses face.  Phishing Box’s broad range of email models will put employees’ knowledge of cyber security to the test.  The email models, links, homepages, attachments and data entry forms are completely customizable.
Create and design a phishing email, customized to be as accurate and effective as possible.  Crafting the phishing emails will give you a better understanding of the steps cyber criminals take and how personalized the attacks can be, making spotting them extremely difficult.  Send your campaign out to your chosen targets and include attachments, links and much more.  The phishing emails can be sent out over a time frame of your choosing.  All the data gathered regarding who clicked and who reported will be presented to you in an easy-to-use dashboard. 
Simulate and test real phishing and spear-phishing with the PhishingBox phishing platform. 

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