Simulated Phishing Attacks

Test your employees and train them!

Simulated phishing attacksTesting your employees with simulated phishing attacks is an important part of your organization’s overall security awareness program.  PhishingBox makes it easy to measure and demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and progress on highly visual dashboards and reports.  PhishingBox can be used on any device, providing the ability to perform administrative tasks in the office or on the go.
The most common type of deceptive phishing refers to any attack by which fraudsters  impersonate a legitimate company and attempt to steal people’s personal information or login credentials.  Those emails frequently use threats and a sense of urgency to scare users into doing the attackers’ bidding.  The success of deceptive phishing hinges on how closely the attack email resembles a legitimate company’s official correspondence. Test your employees with simulated phishing attacks using PhishingBox.
Is your organization susceptible to phishing attacks?  It’s one thing to provide security awareness training, but another to know that the training has successfully changed employee behavior in your favor.  A simulated phishing attack will test your employees’ responses, enabling you to take immediate action to reinforce learning. The simulated phishing attack gives you an independent assessment of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks.
When it comes to simulated phishing attacks, PhishingBox tests and trains your most vulnerable employees.  Even technically savvy employees can fall prey to phishing emails.  Our Phishing Simulator will test your team with phishing emails that simulate real life Phishing attacks.  You can customize phishing emails and landing pages that address specific employee vulnerabilities.
Did you know that 90% of security breaches are the result of phishing?  Spear-phishing is a more targeted and potentially more dangerous form of the classic phishing scam.  Spear phishing attacks are aimed at specific organizations and even certain individualsIn general, spear-phishing emails share these characteristics:
          • They appear to come from a trusted source, like a credit card company, PayPal,
             Amazon, Google, the U.S. Postal Service or the IRS.
          • They urge the victim to confirm their user information or update their password
            by clicking on a link with an external website, often using a disguised URL.
          • They warn that if action isn’t taken within a certain amount of time, the victim’s
            accounts may be disabled.
PhishingBox allows you to create custom groups with as many phishing targets as you would like.  You can target any employee or group of employees with a simulated phishing attacks.  You should equip your organization with the right tools and techniques with PhishingBox’s comprehensive anti-phishing simulation program.  PhishingBox provides you with the flexibility and customization that your organization needs to facilitate a positive security awareness culture. 
With pre-designed PhishingBox templates, you can be up and running in minutes.  All templates can be customized as necessary.  With PhishingBox, you can launch wide-ranging or targeted simulated phishing attacks to measure risk and to train employees on their vulnerability and its consequences.
PhishingBox believes testing your employees with simulated phishing attacks is a major part of an overall security awareness program.  Your employees are on the front line in the anti-phishing battle and you can’t win without them.  That’s why we recommend a combination of simulated phishing attacks and training content to create a workforce that is resistant to the lures of hackers.

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