Phishing is a significant problem for most organizations. As a partner in helping to minimize the impact from phishing attacks on organizations, PhishingBox has created a checklist of controls an organization should implement. This anti-phishing checklist is designed primarily for technical administrators along with other members of an organization’s security team or partners.

This checklist outlines key controls that help prevent phishing, improve phishing detection, and minimize the impact from phishing. These anti-phishing controls include technical as well as administrative controls. As a whole, these controls form a layered defense.

Download the Phishing Prevention Checklist apply

It is recommended all security controls in the checklist be implemented. The more that are implemented the better. In addition to helping minimize phishing attacks, some of these controls also help minimize other security issues as well, such as system vulnerabilities by applying software updates or reducing the potential for employee fraud by implementing dual controls.

If you have any questions about the controls on the attached list, please contact us. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.