Phishing Your Employees

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Your employees sit on the front lines of ever-changing email-based phishing threats.  As hackers become more sophisticated and prevalent, users need to be aware of the threats and trained to easily recognize malicious emails.  That’s why phishing your employees is so critically important for your company or organization.
PhishingBox’s phishing simulator turns your users from part of the attack surface to part of the solution.  We provide leading-edge user awareness training to counter sophisticated phishing and socially engineered spear phishing attacks.  Our phishing simulator helps your employees sharpen their anti-phishing skills with advanced phishing simulations.  With PhishingBox, you can safely simulate phishing attacks to train employees, quantify risk and harden workforce resiliency.  Empower employees to easily report suspected phishing attempts.
There are three primary reasons employees fall for phishing attacks:
          • They aren’t aware of the phishing threat.
          • They are aware of the phishing threat but don’t know what to do about it.
          • They are human.
Important things your employees need to understand about phishing:
          • The sender of an email may not be legitimate.
          • Enticing or aggressive subject lines are used to lure people in.
          • Impersonal greetings should be a red flag.
          • It is important to notice grammatical and stylistic errors.
          • It is important to check the link destination.
          • Emails demoing “immediate action” are probably scams.
          • You can’t rely on images or logos.

Employee Training & Testing

As the number of cyber-attacks continue to grow, companies and organizations are battling to keep their defenses up.  Naturally, the technology is evolving to be stronger and harder to breach and as a result, people become the weakest vulnerability point.  20-30% of your workforce will click on a link in a phishing email.  Keep your team vigilant and well-trained in the art of phishing attacks with our phishing simulation and training.  However, you don’t want to send a phishing test too frequently or people will come to expect them.  You don’t want to have them too infrequently, either.
Attackers relentlessly target organizations with spam, phishing and advanced socially engineered attacks with 41% of IT professionals reporting phishing attacks at least daily.  Your end users are often an easy target and the weakest link in your cyber defenses.  Keep your users and company safe with effective phishing simulations.
Did you know that over 90% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack?  Find out what percentage of your employees are prone to phishing attacks with our phishing simulations.  IT pros realize that simulated phishing tests are urgently needed as an additional security layer.  Today, phishing your employees is just as important as having antivirus and a firewall.  It is really important to phish your employees with simulated email scams so that they can effectively spot and stop complex phishing attacks. 
Phishing simulation is a fast and efficient way to measure employees’ vulnerabilities regarding information security, while raising awareness of the seriousness of risks.  Use our phishing simulator to bolster employees’ detection skills and instill cybersecurity best practices within your company or organization.
Technology can provide limited defense against phishing.  However, companies and organizations can train their employees to serve as the first line of defense by detecting advanced phishing techniques.  Security experts are finding that is is more effective to show employees what a phishing email looks like, rather than tell them in a training session.  The best way to show employees is by sending them what looks like a phishing email.
Our phishing simulator includes a vast library of templates that are designed to mimic real-world attacks without any of the danger.  Put PhishingBox to work for your company or organization and use our highly proficient phishing simulator to test your employees.

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