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Phishing occurs when an attacker sends an email crafted to look like a credible message from someone trusted, such as a boss, colleague or even an email provider like Google.  Phishing via email is the attempt to trick people into clicking a link or opening an attachment, which subsequently installs malware or requests certain credentials on a fake website. The attacker masquerades as a reputable organization or person and will usually create a story that is compelling enough for the victim to carry out the desired action.  The intent of phishing emails is to steal information from you, whether it’s your login credentials via spoofed forms or website login pages or your personal information like your Social Security number, with the intent to commit fraud or get unauthorized access to your systems. 
Phishing is a big business.  More than 90% of reported data breaches and security incidents involve a successful phishing attack.  Attackers rely on phishing as a primary strategy because it continues to be both effective and efficient, as users remain the most vulnerable attack vector.  Along with teaching your users what to watch for, an internal phishing exercise can result in faster user reports of possible phishing attempts and reinforce your security response plan.
Everyday 156 million phishing emails are sent.  16 million phishing emails get through security filters and into inboxes.  That’s why it is so important for your business or organization to conduct phishing email tests.
Attacks have shown record growth in recent years and a solid security awareness program is an integral part of any defense-in-depth strategy. Would your employees click on a malicious phishing email? Do they know password best practices? Employees are one of the most vulnerable aspects of any organization, so you need to create a program to educate your employees on the latest threats.
Our PhishingBox Phishing Simulator helps to keep your employees aware of one of the most prevalent attack vectors. Phishing simulation isn’t just a learning tool.  It can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your security awareness program.  Our solution allows you to manage the program and customize the e-mails to match your organization.  Simulated phishing emails allow your employees to gain exposure to the types of phishing emails commonly seen in circulation without experiencing the consequences of a real attack.  We deliver educational landing pages to teach people how they could have identified a phishing email.  Clicks are tracked and you’re provided with a report of results, so that you can monitor the success of your program.
IT pros realize that simulated phishing tests are needed as an additional security layer.  Phishing your own users is just as important as having antivirus software and a firewall.  It is an effective cybersecurity practice.
Using our PhishingBox Phishing Simulator you can:
          • Immediately start your test for one employee or all employees
          • Customize the phishing email test template based on your environment
          • Choose the landing page your users see after they click
          • Show users which red flags they missed
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