Employee Phishing

Test & Train against phishing attacks!

PhishingBox enables organizations to create and manage simulated phishing campaigns.  These campaigns reinforce employee training and help companies understand their own risk, while improving workforce resiliency.  PhishingBox makes it easy to create emails and attachments that exactly resemble the work of cybercriminals and hackers likely to attack your business or organization.
Today’s online scam artists often use phishing techniques that threaten your company’s security.  Simply training your staff to recognize a phishing email and deal with it appropriately can add an important layer of protection, possibly saving your business or organization thousands of dollars.
Phishing emails are sometimes easy to spot due to misspellings or fake logos that shouldn’t fool anyone.  Sometimes they are extremely sophisticated, filled with personal information that leads an employee to believe they are real or they are written in an urgent tone demanding a response.
Phishing attacks are responsible for more than 90% of successful cyberattacks. To keep your company protected, your employees must be thoroughly trained in security awareness.
Teach your employees how to recognize phishing emails by looking for the following signs:
          • Look for email addresses that are close but not exact
          • Verify all links included in the body of the email
          • Look for logos that feel a bit off, as well as misspellings or grammatical errors
            in emails from reputable organizations such as credit card companies
          • Be suspicious of emails that request passwords or other personal information
PhishingBox offers phishing simulations so that employees experience real-world threats in a safe environment.  Employee phishing educates them on the dangers of phishing emails.  Phishing simulations can send customized emails to your employees so that they are trained to treat suspicious emails in a safe way.  Employee phishing should be repeated throughout the year to verify the employees maintain a high level of security awareness.
Reduce the likelihood that an employee in your company or organization will compromise the security of important data.  Employee phishing allows you to find out what percentage of your users are prone to phishing attacks.  Send a simulated phishing attack to your employees and see who is susceptible to opening emails or attachments.
PhishingBox assesses a company’s risk exposure to phishing attacks and test employees’ ability to spot and report suspicious emails.  Employee phishing testing will present reasonable scenarios to persuade users to click a malicious link or download malicious email attachments. Phishing your employees allows you to see who clicked on the malicious links and who has acted appropriately. This can give you an excellent insight into just how exposed your workforce is.  Once your employees have been exposed to these phishing emails and what they look like, you can educate them on how to avoid them, report them and how to spot the other common types of phishing attacks.
Phishing is big business.  Attacks have shown record growth in recent years with over 60% of malware now installed via malicious email attachments.  PhishingBox emulates a range of phishing attack types to help your company or organization identify areas of weakness in your organization.  Employee phishing can be very beneficial to every business or organization.

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