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Social engineering is used in more than 66% of all attacks.

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Are you confident your employees can differentiate between a legitimate email and a targeted phishing email from a malicious attacker?   When it comes to social engineering training, our PhishingBox phishing simulator provides the tools you need to easily test and assess your employees’ ability to resist these types of attacks.  Social engineering is one of the easiest ways to steal data, especially if employees haven’t been trained on how to recognize and combat it. 
When you think about social engineering, phishing is the first thing that comes to mind.  Phishing has exploded in the past few years and continues to rise in 2018, particularly in the form of mass spam campaigns.  If you want to prevent your organization from falling prey to phishing campaigns, you’ll need to devote a significant portion of your social engineering training program to the subject of phishing.  Your users need to understand what phishing is, why it’s important not to click on malicious links and what to do if they suspect an email is malicious.  It’s also useful to provide examples of sophisticated spear phishing emails from the past and explain the sorts of social engineering tactics attackers might use to make their emails seem legitimate.
These days, social engineering is used in more than 66% of all attacks.  Hackers employ tactics meant to trick, coerce and manipulate individuals into giving them access to what should be secure data.  Often, all the hackers need to do is find an unsuspecting individual who doesn’t follow protocol in order to be helpful. Safeguarding against social engineering attacks involves social engineering training for your employees.  Social engineering awareness training can be simple and cost effective with PhishingBox.  Employees need to be reminded and informed about company policies and procedures that can prevent social engineering attacks.
2017 was a banner year for social engineering attacks and the malware that depends on them to spread.  Email scams, which are cheap, quick and easy to customize, are a large part of the problem.  It is simple for an attacker to produce a phishing email that looks convincingly like it's from a trusted source, coaxing a targeted user into clicking links, downloading files or divulging private information.  It’s also difficult to trace such attacks and equally difficult to prevent them without proper user education. 
Training your employees when they are hired or having training sessions once a year isn’t cutting it anymore.  Instead, do regular social engineering training quarterly, if not monthly.  Focus on elements of social engineering and what employees can do to be aware of it.  Repetition will help your employees to remember and apply training in everyday situations.  Complete employee training is the only way to fully ensure the safety of your company or organization.  Our social engineering training solution allows you to test your employees and users on current phishing attempts.  With numerous templates available to choose from, you’ll be able to truly gauge your users’ performance, while also monitoring their improvement as the social engineering training progresses.  Our online social engineering training, customized to fit your specific needs, can turn your employees from your biggest liability to your strongest protection.
The following tips can help improve vigilance in relation to social engineering hacks:
          • Don’t open emails and attachments from suspicious sources.  If you
            don’t know the sender in question, don’t answer the email.
          • Use multifactor authentication.  One of the most valuable pieces of
            information attackers seek are user credentials. 
          • Be wary of tempting offers.  If an offer sounds too enticing, think twice
            before accepting it as fact. 
          • Keep your antivirus software updated.  Make sure automatic updates are
          • Never reveal your passwords or login credentials to anyone
          • Make sure the URL is correct when entering details on a website.
          • Never open strange-looking files or attachments.
Understanding how easily a social engineer can get into a company’s network is one thing, but changing the employees’ behavior is another.  PhishingBox is here to help. Our social engineering training solution focuses on helping users understand their role in maintaining and protecting the company’s security. Our social engineering training program targets the following key areas:
          • What end-user actions put the organization at risk
          • Examples of cyber threats
          • Recognizing and responding to cyber threats
As social engineering attacks continue to grow in sophistication and frequency, companies need social engineering training as a first line of defense.  That’s where PhishingBox comes in.  Learn how to recognize and avoid social engineering attacks with our social engineering training solution.
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