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Businesses of all sizes are facing cybersecurity attacks at an unprecedented level. 32% of these breaches involve phishing, a cyber-attack disguised as a legitimate email that, if opened, may steal user data and often tricks users into clicking links that can install malware, freeze your system as part of a ransomware attack and reveal sensitive information. The havoc created by a phishing attack is disruptive, expensive and difficult to resolve. No business is too small or too large to be vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. 

The greatest tool any company can muster to protect itself against cyber-attacks is the human firewall, well-trained employees who are proficient at recognizing a potential attack and knowing what to do. PhishingBox has been in the business of offering employer-based security awareness training online since 2005. We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement of our product with the protection of your business at the core of what we do. Our product has been subscribed to by companies all over the world, a true indicator of the effectiveness of PhishingBox security awareness training online.

Security awareness training online is not only convenient for your employees, it is the best way to test and train in the work environment in which each employee operates. The PhishingBox online training platform is operator-friendly, one of its keys to success. When you partner with PhishingBox for employee training, you will find it easy to test your employees, identify weaknesses and drill down where needed. We will help you to customize your training with phishing simulations that will test and train your employees for cybersecurity awareness and susceptibility to social engineering tactics, spear phishing and ransomware attacks, creating a hyper-awareness to the ongoing threat of cybersecurity attacks and their role in prevention.

Security awareness training online is not just something you do after you’ve done everything else. While some businesses may not understand the urgency of arming their employees against cyber-attack, the reality is that this training is more important than the lock on your building or the security alarm system. Once a cyber-attack has occurred, it is a long, tedious road to navigate back to business as usual. Security awareness training online is preventative, a much better expenditure for your business than the high cost of mitigation after an attack. 

PhishingBox is your best solution for multiple reasons. Our platform is successfully embraced by companies of all sizes that want to develop strong malware awareness in their employees for a number of reasons:

  • You can customize your emails and/or use our pre-built phishing emails and other sophisticated tools.
  • Our effective tool for social engineering testing is simple to use.
  • Simple workflow is achieved with our menu driven system.
  • We provide you with comprehensive reporting that will identify your security weaknesses.
  • The PhishingBox tool can be easily used to conduct testing for multiple clients.
  • You will not have to buy any hardware or software to use our platform.
Give us a call today at (877)634-6847 and speak with a member of our team about setting up a demo. Learn about how our online security training will be customized to fit your company, tailored to meet the needs of specific employees and departments, provide feedback and continue to train on an ongoing basis. Check out our 7-day free trial. Let PhishingBox go to work for your company as you build and reinforce your human firewall against cyber security invasions.

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