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Employee Security Awareness Training

One of the greatest threats to information security could actually come from within your company or organization.  Uninformed users can do harm to your network by visiting websites infected with malware, responding to phishing e-mails, storing login information in an unsecured location or even giving out sensitive information when exposed to social engineering.
Security awareness training is a must to protect a network against ransomware, phishing and other social engineering attacks.  Employees are constantly exposed to sophisticated phishing attacks and they need to be able to spot red flags related to suspicious emails.  A good security awareness program should educate employees about procedures for working with information technology.
PhishingBox understands what it takes to protect against today’s top security challenges.  Our security awareness platform has been used by many companies to help tighten their security and increase their employee knowledge.  Our platform can take your team to the next level of cyber security awareness.  With PhishingBox employees can learn to identify phishing attempts via simulated attacks.  A company or organization can create their own phishing attack emails or make use of our hundreds of email templates.  In a highly sophisticated electronic world that includes phishing scams, a company must be ahead of the curve by protecting company data and client information.
Preventing a spear phishing attack and thwarting phishing scams have come to the forefront for today’s security awareness.  PhishingBox is a simple, cost-effective tool that can reach everyone within an organization.  Phishing attacks continue to become increasingly more sophisticated and highly targeted.  Anti-phishing learning objectives must be part of a company’s overall security awareness training program.
Today, employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing attacks.  Employees are part of an organization’s attack surface and ensuring that they have the know-how to defend themselves and the organization against threats is a critical part of a healthy security program. An organization’s leaders should understand what goes into building an effective security awareness training program, get involved and offer feedback throughout the process. Protecting your company or organization online begins with ensuring your employees are prepared to assist in keeping computers and networks safe. 
Information security is a process that moves through phases, building and strengthening itself along the way.  Security awareness can be grouped into three distinct phases:  prevention, detection and response.  The ultimate goal of an effective security awareness program is to protect three unique attributes of information:
          • Confidentiality | Proprietary information should only be seen by those
            persons authorized to see it. 
          • Integrity | Measures must be taken to insulate information from accidental
            and/or deliberate change.
          • Availability | Information must be available to only authorized persons when
Information security protects these attributes by:
          • Protecting confidentiality
          • Ensuring integrity
          • Maintaining availability
The best security awareness training program can’t help a company or organization unless all of the employees understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources.  Practices and policies must be put in place that promote security awareness.  An effective security awareness program should include education on specific threat types:
          • Phishing
          • Social Engineering
          • Malware
          • Trojans
          • Viruses
PhishingBox knows that to build an effective security awareness training program, an organization must successfully determine which topics to communicate.  Let PhishingBox be a part of your company’s security awareness program.


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