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Launched in 1989 as a cooperative for information security thought leadership, it is SANS’ ongoing mission to empower cybersecurity professionals with the practical skills and knowledge they need to make our world a safer place. They fuel this effort with high-quality training, certifications, scholarship academies, degree programs, cyber ranges, and resources to meet the needs of every cyber professional. In addition, their data, research, and the top minds in cybersecurity collectively ensure that individuals and organizations have the actionable education and support they need.

  • Location North Bethesda, MD
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  • Founded 1989
  • Content Focus Phishing Awareness, PCI Compliance, Physical Asset Security
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We work with your stakeholders to identify appropriate general end user and role-based training providing meaningful business impacts and personal relevance to end users.


Create an environment of awareness outside of formalized training with reinforcement materials like newsletters, posters, digital images, and simulated phishing campaigns.


Cybersecurity education programs are more than just content its a strategy. Transform your organizations culture into one of awareness and ownership through positive behavior change.

Do More with PhishingBox and SANS

Establishing a robust security awareness training program is required in the current environment. Security threats and compliance mandates require ongoing security awareness training for most organizations. With the PhishingBox suite of software tools and SANS training content, an organization can establish a sound employee security awareness program.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We offer all prospective clients the opportunity to test the system. Please contact us and we will gladly demo the system, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a trial account.

Security Awareness Training & Threat Prevention

Use our suite of security tools for a robust security awareness training and threat prevention program.