Phishing Awareness Training

Data breaches, viruses, and other malware commonly make security headlines. An entire industry of network and computer security has evolved to mitigate these threats. However, most organizations overlook the weakest component of the security system – the human element. Criminals, and others with malicious intent, are exploiting this weakness via social engineering.

For many years employees have fallen victim to social engineering attacks, with phishing being one of the most common social threat vectors. Employee security awareness training is a key requirement for an effective information security defense. We have developed an information security awareness curriculum that is easy-to-understand and does not interfere with employees’ daily activities.

Through our phishing simulation software and our phishing awareness training, your company will have an easy-to-use platform for employees.
Below are highlights of our phishing awareness training platform.

Dedicated Training Portal
Real-Time Reporting
Auto Enroll on Failure
Streamlined Security Training Logos
Customize / Create New Courses
Phishing Continuing Education & Repeat Testing