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PhishingBox Security Awareness Training Provider and Phishing Simulation Managed Phishing

Employee Security Training & Testing

With Managed Phishing Services, our team of experts will go to work creating and executing phishing simulation tests, along with security awareness training. When time is of the essence, we can get your company up and rolling in a matter of days. We use the best practices to change the templates and techniques to provide optimal testing. It is critical to test employees with numerous techniques in order to expose any security vulnerabilities. Some employees may require more personalized attack methods, such as making use of the their job title or department. Hackers and identity thieves will make use of public information and so will we.

Managed services includes full access to our Phishing Simulator and real-time reporting of the phishing test campaigns and training. 
Our team will review the analysis and reporting after the tests and will be available to answer any questions.


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Managed Service Highlights

Simulation & Training

Social Tools

Our MPS customers have full access to PhishingBox’s suite of phishing simulation and  security awareness training.

Campaign Creation

Ongoing Testing

Our experts will create and execute ongoing phishing campaigns that will keep your employees on their toes.

Time Savings


Save time by letting us take control. Our cyber security experts will deploy our socially secured program.

Training Portal

Back To School

Each user has access to a dedicated training portal that automatically assigns and tracks training activities.


Reviewing Results

Our specialists will take the time to review the results of the simulation and training activity. We will give you actionable suggestions.

Professional Remediation

We find Something

If we find an exploit or an end-user is compromised, we will help remediate the situation to the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

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