Random Target Selection

Keep your employees or clients on top of their game by selecting random target testing.

Variable Campaigns

Mix up your phishing simulation testing with varying attack theme concepts and goals. With variable campaigns, you can keep your targets engaged with different testing and training designed with learning, not just button clicking, as the objective.

Template Editor

Random Template Campaigns

Our vast library of phishing simulation testing templates combined with customized ones you can create with our template editor offers more than a year’s worth of content you can randomize. With random attack types, your end users will have to be at the ready to spot and report a threat of any variety.


Statistical Sampling

Need to provide a campaign that represents a varying cross-section of your organization or your client’s staff? Want to provide enough data without sending a test to an entire department? We have an option for you.

Template Editor

Top Features

  • Randomized targeting
  • Campaign variation
  • Template randomization
  • Statistical analysis and sampling
  • Easy-to-use creator tools

Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes! Our Campaign Wizard allows you to quickly sync your third-party target database and create a campaign with randomized templates and targeting with content to last you well beyond a full year. An entire campaign can be set up in just minutes!
Who has the time to manually create everything these days? Our Campaign Wizard is designed to have you up and running in no time with a set-and-forget mentality.
Yes. You can select the frequency and template type (or set to randomize templates) and your synced target list will receive accordingly. Any newly added targets will begin receiving at the next scheduled interval time and will not receive previous sends.