The monthly Symantec Intelligence Report identifies their latest analysis of the security landscape concerning malware, spam, and other cyber threats. There are several interesting facts identified in this report.

  • 82 percent of all social media attacks so far in 2013 have been fake offerings. This is up from 56 percent in 2012.
  • The global phishing rate is up in August, comprising 1 in every 625 email messages. In July this rate was 1 in 736.
  • Financial themes continue to be the most frequent subject matter of phishing scams, at 66.8 percent of all phishing scams use this theme.
  • Japan tops the list of sources of phishing emails, responsible for distributing 55 percent of phishing scams.
  • The Public Sector was the most targeted industry in August, with 1 in every 76.7 emails received in this industry being a phishing scam.
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