Have you received a calendar invite recently and something just did not feel right, Phishing Scammers are now accessing your calendar. Do not accept suspicious invites. Read some tips and find a link to the full article blow.
"Phishers have realized that they can take advantage of seemingly innocuous calendar settings to plant their own events laced with phishing links on victims' schedules. In many cases, this also triggers notifications automatically, further legitimizing the malicious events. The scam is particularly effective because the calendar entries and notifications stem from trusted apps like Google Calendar."
Things to look out for:
  • ALWAYS check the email "From" field to validate the sender. It can be spoofed.
  • ALWAYS check for "double-extended" attachments. A test file called "safe.txt" is safe to open, but "safe.txt.exe" is not.
  • ALWAYS report all suspicious emails to your IT help desk.
  • ALWAYS note that www.amazon.com and www.amazon.shopping.com are two different domains