PhishingBox will now catch all replies sent to one of our system domains. We can now tell you if an email bounces, an autoresponder sends a response or the actual target replies to the email. As long as you are using one of our domains, there is nothing else you need to set up to track replies. If you want to use your own, custom domain, you will still need to set up the IMAP settings and turn on "Track Custom Domain Replies" under the Track Settings on the template editor email tab.

Additionally, we are introducing the Phishing Reported button (the flag icon in the actions column) on the Testing Details page. If a target reports a campaign email as phishing, you can give them credit in the system.

Along with the Reply-to Catchall and Phishing Reported button, there are several new Reply-To Email Templates in the system for you to try out on your targets.​
  • 401K Missing Info
  • Background Check Notification
  • Corporate VPN Expiration
  • Federal Investigation
  • Salesforce Notification
  • W2 Tax Correction

Kind regards,
The PhishingBox Team