One of the primary ways organizations are looking to win in 2022 and moving forward is by optimizing their security awareness solutions. Being proactive about safeguarding your sensitive data through awareness, simulation and education are paramount in not only meeting your organization’s goals for this year and beyond, but exceeding them as well.

The PhishingBox Learning Management System (LMS) is an easy-to-use system for managing employee training. Our approach to online training for your organization is to combine accessibility with automation.

The LMS provides a simple, SCORM compliant system for managing online training for any size company.  The LMS is simple for the novice to use, but powerful enough for the enterprise. PhishingBox LMS is integrated into the Security Awareness Training provided by PhishingBox.   However, an organization is not limited to using the LMS only with PhishingBox provided courses.

Your organization may import or use any SCORM compliant course into the system and non-SCORM compliant courses may be created within the system as well. This flexibility allows any organization to deliver simple training via videos or downloadable material.

Courses may also be purchased from our content partners.

SCORM Compliant

We understand that you may have invested heavily into SCORM compliant training. Our LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant, allowing an organization to import SCORM compliant training courses.  

It is important to have a SCORM compliant LMS because it gives organization interoperability with other systems, including reporting. Basically, all systems are speaking a common language. As such, enrollments and completions are able to be communicated between systems.

Security Awareness Training

PhishingBox's LMS integrates seamlessly with the phishing simulator as part of security awareness training. This integration allows an organization to easily conduct security awareness training along with phishing simulation to test employees' susceptibility to social engineering. 

Integrating the LMS with the PhishingBox simulator allows for automatic course enrollments should an employee respond inappropriately or fail a phishing test.

Content Providers

We have created a content network where you can select and purchase content from other training providers. Through our network of content providers, a wide range of courses can be obtained to use in training and imported into the LMS. The courses provided through the network are SCORM compliant.  

If you are a course provider and would like to include your content in our network, apply on the PhishingBox Partners page.


In today's interconnected world, a functioning API is critical.  The LMS system includes a comprehensive API for an organization to initiate enrollment, reporting, and more.

With the API the functionally of the system is limitless.   One common use of the API involves tying the LMS to HR systems for employee onboarding. Another use is the reporting of employee training compliance to enterprise dashboards.


The LMS integrates with many platforms, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, okta, onelogin, PingOne Ping Identity, OpenLDAP and MS Active Directory via LDAP. These integrations make it easier to manage your organization’s training and security awareness.