PhishingBox is excited to announce the addition of Advanced Human Detection (AHD) to the platform.  This update will help security professionals save time by minimizing false positives caused by security and other anti-phishing software.  AHD uses many data points to determine if a human performed the actions.  Without AHD, the results of a simulated phishing test may be unreliable.

Advanced Human Detection (AHD) will apply to all future phishing campaigns within the PhishingBox system.  With AHD, two new action categories are included: verified and suspicious.  Verified actions are confirmed as being performed by a human, using many data points to analyze.  The suspicious status, which is the default for all incoming actions, means that the action cannot be verified through AHD or known IP addresses.

In many cases, security software traverses message links to determine if a message is malicious.  These actions, or false positives, overestimate the failure rate of a phishing simulation test.  Before AHD, all actions that were not filtered through an IP or User-Agent were considered legitimate and counted as failures.  Going forward, only actions that can be verified through AHD or verified IPs will be identified as a failure action for the test target.

The official release date of AHD is Tuesday, October 12th, 2021.

PhishingBox provides a comprehensive Security Awareness Ecosystem through a suite of tools and services to implement and maintain a high-level security awareness training program. Key components of this security awareness ecosystem include an Industry-leading phishing simulation tool, security awareness training, a learning management system (LMS), KillPhish reporting button, and our 'Phishing Inbox,' which allows InfoSec teams to thoroughly investigate reported emails and related information.