With a push toward a full digital transformation across vertical business markets, and an increase in the number of software programs and platforms companies are utilizing and integrating as a result, the need for enhanced cybersecurity is on the rise.

There’s a new war on information and data and it’s taking the form of cyberattacks.

One of the most common cyberattacks plaguing companies today is phishing. Phishing involves emailing a target in an attempt to trick the individual into revealing sensitive information or data. To mitigate the risk of phishing attacks, companies should invest in holistic phishing training and cybersecurity awareness training for their employees.

At PhishingBox, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader, providing comprehensive phishing training solutions and a wide range of pre-designed phishing templates to train and test your employees. Our solutions platform contains tools and resources created with your company in mind. We’re here to help your company educate employees on the dangers of phishing and cyberthreats present in today’s digital environment.

With PhishingBox, you receive not only phishing training content, but also a host of integrations to weave into your existing workflows. It’s a no-hassle approach to keeping your company aware of the risks phishing attacks deliver straight to inboxes. . Phishing training designed to reduce the risk of these attacks allows you to focus on core business objectives without constant worry. By providing company employees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and avoid phishing attempts and cyberattacks, you’ll enhance your overall security posture.

Being able to detect phishing emails and phishing attacks is one of the main benefits of phishing training. PhishingBox’s phishing training modules replicate current, topical, timely real-world examples to teach employees how to spot real phishing attempts. The goal of any successful phishing training is to push employees toward avoiding falling victim to even the best, well-crafted phishing emails. The phishing training modules offered within the platform cover a variety of topics, including: how to identify suspicious email addresses, how to recognize fake login pages, and how to verify the legitimacy of requests for sensitive information.

Consequences for failure of a phishing simulation may include remedial phishing training and just-in-time content. By demonstrating the potential real impact of a phishing attack, a comprehensive phishing training program should encourage employees to take the likelihood and deliverability of phishing emails seriously.

As one of the most common and effective ways at gaining access to systems and avoiding even the best cybersecurity defenses, phishing preys on targets by using sophisticated social engineering techniques to pry sensitive information from even the most attentive employee.

Company size is irrelevant to bad actors and hackers. Small companies are just as vulnerable to phishing attacks as large enterprises, and can even be an easier target for cybercriminals looking for quick scores and fewer cybersecurity defenses or smaller budgets dedicated to phishing training and phishing awareness programs.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of phishing training for companies and how these benefits can help mitigate the risks associated with phishing attacks.

Before we dive in, remember a successful phishing training awareness program will include both phishing simulation testing and phishing training content.

Phishing simulation tests mimic a real phishing attack. Employees receive a fake fraudulent phishing attack. The goal is for the employee to report the suspicious phishing test utilizing a scan and report button feature to quarantine the phishing email. In this quarantine inbox, IT and cybersecurity personnel can further investigate the reported email in a real scenario. In the testing scenario, reporting the email can be incentivized to ensure the phishing email report response behavior will be adhered to with a live-action application and not just the drill.

Benefits of Phishing Training and Phishing Testing

Increased Security Awareness

Help employees understand telltale tactics attackers will use to trick them into giving away sensitive company or personal information. It is crucial to provide regular phishing training and phishing testing to increase your company’s overall security posture and prevent successful phishing attacks. Employees who are aware of cyberthreats and the risks they present are less likely to fall victim by clicking on a phishing link. An increase in cybersecurity awareness with a well-designed phishing training solution can reduce the likelihood of successful phishing attacks, keeping your data and private information secure from those looking to breach your digital moats and defenses.

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

Data breaches are deadly. It may seem unlikely or out of mind for most companies, but losing the ability to operate, exposing vendor and customer information, leaking private employee information, and the long-lasting impact of a successful phishing attack can compound to a loss in revenue and reputation.

The damaging results of losing sensitive data, legal liabilities, and continuing rebuilding expenses to repair and replace systems can cripple a company’s focus and often results in the company’s demise. In fact, nearly 60 percent of small businesses who experience a successful data breach close their doors within 6 months according to a recent report shared by Microsoft.

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways data breaches occur. Even the best cyberdefenses can be quickly surpassed if the right employee with the right access is phished. Phishing training helps educate your employees to avoid this exact tactic.

Recognize and respond appropriately to phishing attacks and suspicious activity by adhering to your company’s incident response plan.

Improved Compliance

Regulations and standards require companies and organizations within certain industries to comply with defined cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information. Phishing training and phishing testing can help achieve the necessary implementation of cyberdefenses.

Providing employees with regular and consistent phishing training and phishing testing increases the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and avoid real phishing attacks. This holistic approach prepares companies, mitigates risk, and can even help organizations avoid penalties and legal problems non-compliance can bring.

Cost Savings

A successful phishing attack often brings significant cost.

Data recovery, legal fees, and damage to the company's reputation all bear varying levels of impact. Reducing the risk of successful phishing attacks is paramount in 2023 and beyond as successful cyberattack costs are skyrocketing despite the number of successful reported attacks plateauing (FBI statistics).

Phishing training can help companies save money by delivering a risk-benefit cost analysis. A little money up front on phishing training and phishing testing can save millions on the backend.

Why accept dealing with the aftermath of a successful phishing attack when you can avoid a breach by phishing with a relatively inexpensive solution to improve your company’s cybersecurity?

Contact our dedicated staff for a customized demonstration today and start implementing a proven, successful phishing training and phishing testing program to improve your cybersecurity posture today.