We are pleased to announce that Amy Waller, has joined PhishingBox as the Customer Success Manager!

She will be on the front line with you to increase engagement with the platform, shape your requests into new features, improve communication, and more.

Amy has been working in the customer service field for over ten years, and her experiences will lead her to excel in this role. She is particularly skilled in relationship building and is here to guide you through your PhishingBox experience!
When she is not at PhishingBox, you can find Amy spending time with her husband and animals, reading books, hiking, or obsessing over Game of Thrones.


New Administration Features & Settings

Manage System Emails:
You now have the ability to fully customize the look, feel, and content for system generated emails; including branding.

System Email Logs
This new section allows users to view a log of all system emails that were sent along with the following information: Date Scheduled, Sent (Yes or No), Recipient, System Email Trigger, Last Sent Time Stamp, # of Attempts, and Errors. You can also view and resend emails from this dashboard.

New Branding Section
We’ve rolled out a new ‘Branding Settings’ section (Administration > Settings) where all PhishingBox customers now have the ability to brand and white label their School Portal. Reseller accounts will also have access to brand their PhishingBox Portal in this section. 

Our whitelisted email header is now in all the new system emails.