PhishingBox's KillPhish email threat protection add-in is a powerful addition to their already robust phishing simulation and training ecosystem.

KillPhish is designed with the uniqueness of each inbox in mind, exposing telltale signs of threats to your security as an advanced email threat protection add-in for Microsoft 365 and Gmail. It scans for known threats on Windows, Mac/iOS, and Android for Outlook Desktop, web, and mobile, enabling the reporting of phishing and other type of threats. Each inbox’s risk profile is unique, and KillPhish can help identify signs of threats to your security. KillPhish seamlessly integrates with PhishingBox’s Phishing Simulator to produce additional reporting with Net Reporter Score, which gives organizations a simple-to-understand metric for measuring security awareness.

Aside from being simple to deploy using Microsoft Add-in Deployment Manager in the Microsoft Office 365 admin center, KillPhish helps users learn what to look for using each email as a learning opportunity combined with security awareness training. Gathering IP addresses, domains, email addresses, keywords and other likely known threat types from different sources, KillPhish pushes your endpoint protection even further, helping users better determine a real threat vs legitimate emails.

About PhishingBox:

PhishingBox is a security awareness training and phishing simulation provider. Using PhishingBox’s integrated suite of software and tools, any organization can implement a robust security awareness training and testing program. The suite of tools provided by PhishingBox include training content, learning management system, phishing simulator and various reporting and management tools.