Check Point Research had released the 2018 Report on Information Security.  This information security report provides insight into today’s threat landscape.  There are many security threats that companies must mitigate on a daily basis.  Reports such as this security report from Check Point highlight just how important.   Below are some key facts from the 2018 report.  
  • 78% of companies consider IAAS and SAAS cloud security to be their main concern
  • 64% of organizations have experienced a phishing attack in the past year     
  • 39 out of 50 states were allegedly hacked in the last us presidential election
  • 59% of companies consider ransomware to be their biggest threat
  • 19,494 hospital appointments were canceled due to the Wannacry ransomware attack
  • 24% of companies have experienced a DDOS attack in the past year
  • 1in 5 organizations took between two weeks and a year to fully recover from threats
  • 97% of organizations are using outdated cyber security technologies
  • 20% of shoppers say they would not return to a retailer that was a victim of a cyber attack
  • 1in 3 retailers have already been hit by a cyber attack
  • 82% of manufacturers have experienced a phishing attack in the past year
  • 32% of government offices were victim to a data breach in the past year
  • 94% of companies expect attacks on mobile devices to increase
  • 77% of IT professionals feel their security teams are unprepared for today’s cybersecurity challenges
  • 75% of organizations have security staff & resource issues
  • Those using prevention technologies are 30% faster in identifying and remediating threats
All businesses should address threats using a layered approach.  A defense-in-depth process includes a sound information security awareness program.  PhishingBox security awareness provides information security training and phishing testing to a company’s employees.