Advance Human Detection & MS365 Advance Delivery


Advance Human Detection

When analyzing the results of a phishing campaign, combating false positives is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Every security professional, on any platform, faces this problem every day, especially if they cannot 100% safelist their Phishing Simulator. At PhishingBox, we are actively developing multiple ways to help combat this issue, including what we call "Advance Human Detection" (AHD) and “Delayed Failures.”With these features,the portal will delay marking actions as failures unless 100% identification is made via our AHD algorithm. If a match is not made it will be up to the administrator to review these actions to determine the proper failure response.

We all hear the common refrains,“This is ridiculous, I would never click on any links.” or “Why am I being enrolled, I know I didn't fail.,”Reactions like this typically occur for two reasons: you have someone trying to get out of training or bots/software crawling campaign emails. Either way, AHD will help ease the pain. If AHD can 100% identify a human,it will automatically make those decisions for you, otherwise, it will mark them as questionable and allow security professions an opportunity to review.If you are unable to fully (100%) safelist your campaign, then enabling the AHD "trip wire" is critical.

Advance Delivery with Microsoft 365

This new feature by Microsoft will be available August 1st, 2021. This will also help in the effort by supporting 3rdParty Phishing Simulators and give a clean and clear way to safelist with Microsoft 365.This will allow emails from the campaign to be unfiltered and sent directly to the user/target. Any URL scanning will be bypassed and will reduce the additional actions being logged.

Please review Microsoft Documentation

Additional information will be available soon regarding both features.