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New Microsoft Graph Feature

We are pleased to announce a new and improved way to Import Groups and Targets using Microsoft. Below are instructions and on how to import using Microsoft Graph API. This new feature includes

  • Multi Group Syncing; selection of email addresses/groups.
  • Microsoft Graph API replaces Azure AD.
  • Syncing logs to show the history of each import.

To import from Office365/Azure AD you will need to create a new group through the "Create Group" page. You will also need a user to log into for the Microsoft account you want to sync. Once, you enter a name for the group, select "Microsoft Graph (Office365/Azure AD)" from the Third-Party Syncing drop-down menu. Finally, click "Create Group." 

Once the group is created, you will be prompted to setup the Microsoft Credentials. Check the box for "Update Microsoft login credentials" and click the "Update Group" button. 


You will then be redirected to Microsoft to login to the account you want to sync.

Once logged in, you will be redirected back to the portal to select which groups you want to include in the sync. If you simply want to sync everyone on the account, select "Sync All Users." When you are finished selecting your groups, click on "Update" and your targets will be synced. 

If you have any questions please contact Support at

Thank you!
The PhishingBox Team


Posted by PhishingBox on 05/02/2019
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