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EY Global Information Security Survey - 2018

EY is a global leader in in assurance and advisory services.  For several decades EY has been conducting a Global Information Security Survey (GISS).  The 2018 security survey from EY provides some valuable insight into the cybersecurity threat.  Cybersecurity attacks continue to grow in size and sophistication.  As the report reveals, social engineering or phishing remains a significant threat.  Below are some key facts relating to phishing and security awareness.
  • Phishing ranks as the top cyber threat to organizations.  (Page 9)
  • Most successful cyber breaches contain “phishing and/or malware” as starting points.  (Page 9)
  • 22 percent of organizations see phishing as their greatest security threat.  (Page 9)
  • 34 percent of organizations  see careless or unaware employees as a vulnerability.  (Page 10)
  • Only 15 percent of organizations say their information security reporting currently fully meets their expectations.  (Page 19)
Employee security awareness remains a key practice in reducing the risk from phishing and other cybersecurity threats.  Learn how the PhishingBox system of training, testing, and reporting can reduce your organizations risk to one of the greatest cybersecurity threats.
Posted by PhishingBox on 01/24/2019
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