Human Firewall Training

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Given the high occurrence of cyber security attacks through phishing, one of the most critical elements, if not the most, to resist attack is for businesses to build a human firewall to withstand these attacks. A human firewall is built upon the commitment of employees to follow the guidelines of best practices to prevent as well as report any data breach or suspicious activity. Human firewall training requires an education of employees to understand these threats, the signs of these threats and ongoing training to assure that employees remain diligent to cyber security threats in order to secure your company’s network.

At PhishingBox, founded in 2005 in Lexington, Kentucky, we are a proven cybersecurity training company that is working with clients around the world to provide human firewall training that is sparing companies the absolute threat of cyber security breaches. PhishingBox methodology involves a customized solution for your company, no matter how large or small your company might be. Our clients value the work PhishingBox does to design human firewall training with phishing emails that test employees on an ongoing basis to determine the location of weak links in the chain, employees who need more training on recognizing cyber security threats to your business. Nearly 90% of data breaches occur when an employee fails to recognize the signs of phishing and opens an email that creates a pathway into your network for cyber security attacks. It is simple for almost any employee to fall prey to such attacks – and with professional human firewall training, well-trained employees will be your best line of defense.

Human firewall training is successfully done with the assistance of PhishingBox, a cyber security training partner that will provide the tools you need to build your human firewall through employee training. Cyber security phishing has become a successful methodology employed by hackers around the world. Their phishing emails are well done, they most often relate directly to the core business of your company and, to the untrained eye, they appear legitimate.  

Clients of PhishingBox learn the essential ingredients of a successful human firewall training program when they partner with PhishingBox:

  • We keep it simple. If human firewall training is too complicated, your employees will tune out.
  • We will make your work easier, not harder. PhishingBox will work with you to streamline the training so that it is manageable by all of your employees.
  • Training requires hitting the refresh button. Human firewall training must remain ongoing. Any time you are training around awareness, this must be refreshed routinely. PhishingBox builds this in from the start.
  • Everyone loves a prize! Most employees respond to incentives: you know your employees well and probably have a strong sense of the types of things to which your employees would respond. Reward success and build allegiance.
  • Include every one, every department. The human firewall training will get talked about and no one should feel left out. Nor should they be left out.
  • Keep it personal. Employees will understand that maintaining the human firewall requires everyone to participate and that PhishingBox training needs to be lived out in practice, that this behavior becomes routine for everyone.
  • Monitor your employees’ follow through with vigilance. Old habits are hard to break, new habits take time to grow roots.
  • Stick with the program: PhishingBox will assist with ongoing human firewall training and partnering businesses will benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement.
Check out human firewall training at PhishingBox and take that important step toward protecting your business from one of today’s greatest threats to business, a cyber security attack. Let us give you a free demo and 7-day trial so that you can get a full picture of what we do. Take that first step and give us a call at 877.634.6847.

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