End User Security Training

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cyber-attacks are among the greatest threats to businesses of all types today. While technology continuously enables improved business procedures and practices, efficiencies, communication strategies, data collection and interpretation and more, without sufficient security measures in place, companies are vulnerable to data breaches from disabling cyber-attacks with destructive results. As the volume of cyber-attacks increases exponentially, PhishingBox has developed high quality end user security training for employees at all levels, creating an in-house security force to recognize incoming cyber-attacks.

Your business or organization must protect sensitive company information and customer data, the collection of which is often compliance-mandated, along with staff’s personal information at work. Phishing Box end user security training is personalized to meet the needs of individual employees, efficient for end users to complete and effective at changing behaviors and reducing risk at every level of your organization. We recognize that changing employee behavior cannot be done through a single test or tutorial. It is best achieved through testing and training on an ongoing basis and this is the strategy we employ with our cyber-security training at PhishingBox.

Companies of all sizes are turning to PhishingBox for its reasonably priced and highly effective computer-based end user security training. Clearly, your strongest line of defense against cyber-attacks is your employees. Well-trained employees with an awareness of what phishing looks like and the steps to take when an attack is attempted creates a human firewall, your strongest defense against this crippling threat. When your business or organization subscribes to PhishingBox, your company will be equipped to conduct phishing simulations to test and train employees’ cyber security awareness and susceptibility to social engineering tactics, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. PhishingBox training spans education, communication and behavior management activities for employees at every level of your organization.

PhishingBox end user security training will equip your employees to detect and mitigate security threats through relevant email scenarios, tailored to relate to the service your company performs. With strong support materials and a range of options for measuring and tracking employee behavior, we make it simple to measure and enhance every employee’s comprehension and behavior over time. PhishingBox end user security training builds confidence in your users and continuously strengthens your company’s human firewall. 

PhishingBox training has a number of features that place it at the top of the list for security awareness training for employers everywhere:

  • Dedicated Training Portal – each of your employees will have their individual portal to access training at an opportune time, minimizing disruption to workflow, providing efficiency for end users to do their training.
  • Real-time Reporting – managers have up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of employees’ training.
  • Auto-enroll on Failure – managers with employees who need additional training can automatically assign next-phase security training when an employee fails a phishing attempt.
  • With a constantly growing library of educational content, our training platform contains many courses providing different levels of training from general cybersecurity risk to detailed phishing awareness training.
  • Customized courses can be prepared specific to your company to accompany the standard training you are currently doing.
  • Repeat Testing and Continuing Education – Using our PhishingBox simulator, you can continuously train and test employees, strengthening your workforce against hackers.
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