Employee Security Awareness Training

Everyday security awareness training involves phishing.

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A key factor in everyday security awareness training involves phishing. Phishing has evolved into an industry in itself with adversaries targeting companies by industry, department and employee, tailoring attacks accordingly to ensure phishing emails appear as authentic as possible.  While employees are often considered the front line of protection, they’re also the individuals most likely to voluntarily turn over information, succumbing to attackers’ cunning and methodical techniques.

Because of the increasingly advanced phishing techniques deployed by cyber-criminals, it’s imperative that companies implement employee security awareness training programs to prepare for the inevitable, a phishing message.  From small businesses to global enterprises to public institutions, employees are the most important asset in any organization, but they’re also the weak point in its cybersecurity defenses.  PhishingBox can change that.  Our employee security awareness training solutions effect meaningful, sustainable changes in any workforce.  With PhishingBox, employees aren’t just aware of the dangers presented by ever-changing threat landscape, they’re empowered to protect your organization from them.
Employees are part of an organization’s attack surface and ensuring they have the know-how to defend themselves and the organization against threats is a critical part of a healthy security program.  28% of all breaches stem from human error.  These are the clicks and malware downloads that keep security professionals up at night.  With as many as 30% of your employees unable to spot a phishing email, you need to keep hackers from hijacking your data.  PhishingBox identifies your security-naïve employees and delivers training targeted to their roles.  Teach your team how to detect threats with our PhishingBox phishing training.
Topics to be included in PhishingBox employee security awareness training are as follow:
          • Phishing | Employees should be educated on how to spot and report phishing
            and the dangers of interacting with suspicious links or entering credentials on a
            spoofed page.
          • Desktop security | Outline the potential consequences of failing to lock or
            shut off computers at appropriate times.
          • Wireless networks | Explain the nature of wireless networks and outline the
            risks of connecting with unfamiliar ones.
          • Password security | Prompting employees to change their passwords on a
            regular basis should be enforced.
          • Malware | Training on malware should define the types of malware and
            explain what they are capable of.
Protecting your company online begins with ensuring your employees are prepared to assist in keeping your computers and networks safe.  The ultimate goal of the employee security awareness training is to protect three unique attributes of information:
          • Protecting confidentiality | Information should only be seen by those
            persons authorized to see it.
          • Ensuring integrity | Information must not be corrupted.
          • Maintaining availability | Information must be kept available to authorized
            persons when they need it.
A company’s security strategy will only work if employees are properly trained.  The importance of providing employee security awareness training cannot be understated.  The goal of the awareness training is to educate employees on potential security threats and what they can do to prevent them.  A larger goal should be to change the culture of your organization to focus on the importance of security and get buy-in from users to serve as an added layer of defense against security threats.
PhishingBox employee security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about computer security.  A good phishing awareness training should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology. 
Put PhishingBox to work for your company or organization and have an effective employee security awareness program.

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