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Interactive cybersecurity awareness courses.

Educate Your Employees

Our cybersecurity courses keep your company or organization up-to-date on the latest skillsets and product-specific training in the industry.  The need for trained cybersecurity professionals is growing at a rapid rate.  With PhishingBox, your employees can be properly prepared for no cybersecurity threats, phishing and social engineering.
Data breaches are happening at alarming rates.  It’s no longer a question of if a breach will happen but when it will happen.  Cybersecurity has changed from an IT-only issue to an organizational problem that requires leadership to implement new cybersecurity policies and strategies
More than 90% of cyberattacks and resulting data breaches start with a spear-phishing campaign and many employees remain unable to discern these malicious emails from benign ones.  To improve cybersecurity education, many companies are phishing their own employees.  With PhishingBox cybersecurity course, using internal phishing exercises is an inexpensive way to help fight the risk and is an investment in employees’ knowledge and education.
Hackers trick people into divulging confidential information or into performing actions that enable unauthorized access into a computer network.  The best way to combat phishing is through our cybersecurity courses and ongoing training.  Employees need to be educated about how not to be fooled.  Everyone in the workforce needs to be aware of the kinds of tricks fraudsters use and how to spot suspicious emails, attachments or links.  All it takes is one person to make one wrong click and there’s a data breach.  The more people who are cautious and wise, the lower the risk.
Interactive cybersecurity awareness courses provide your employees the tools and resources that they need to be a successful and active participant in the cybersecurity process.  Our courses deliver a stimulating and engaging learning experience to educate employees on good data protection behaviors.  Our courses use realistic and customizable examples to add relevance and interest to the content.  It’s more important than ever to ensure that all employees know how to safeguard sensitive information and computing resources.  Our courses will help you address the threats aimed at the human element within your organization.  Employees must be able to follow the best cybersecurity practices, identify and report threats and prevent unauthorized access.
Training is necessary for the numerous threats that hit your users every day.  Of course, these threats change over time and are different for various user groups.  With our cybersecurity training, you can mix and match cybersecurity content topics to meet your company or organization’s unique needs now and in the future.  The course contains an integrated assessment to track learner comprehension and understanding of key data protection concepts.
With user-friendly terminology, our cybersecurity courses cover everything employees need to know to keep your business data and devices safe:
          • Threats overview: Malware, phishing & social engineering
          • Password policies:  Best practices; 2FA and how to use it
          • Web protection: What to look for; what to avoid
          • Email protection: What to look for; what to avoid
          • Preventative measures: Best practices for security
For the most effective cybersecurity course for your company or organization, put PhishingBox to work for you.

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