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Why Data Backups are Important

Preparing for the worst is necessary for information security. If something bad does happen, such as data corruption due to malicious software, having a way to restore the information is critical.

Keep your data safe

You should ensure that a backup is routinely made of all the critical data or information that you use. The information should be backed up on a schedule that if you lost the data, the last backup would be recent enough that any subsequent transactions could be recreated. That is, the backup may be sometime in the past. From the point of the restoration, new changes, such as new transactions or file edits, will need to be recreated.

In most corporate environments, it is likely that computer files are backed upon a regular basis. However, this may require the user to place files in a specific location, such as on a network storage drive. You should know your organization's backup methodology.

If you are unsure of the adequacy of your backup methods in place, check with your IT Staff.

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