“Sync It and Forget It” Optimization

Make target addition and test scheduling a breeze by syncing your third-party group and target databases to keep your lists automatically updated for every send.

Maintenance Made Easy

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’re actively making our Phishing Simulator a plug-and-play solution integrated smoothly into your existing systems and workflows.

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Test Your Targets Your Way

Phishing works best when the bad guys do their homework. With simple group and target management, you can tailor and customize your phishing simulations to specific departments and even specific employees or clients for realistic testing.


Top Features

  • Database quick-sync functionality
  • “All-or-one” testing capability
  • Enhanced, realistic simulation targeting
  • Optional CSV target list uploading
  • Improved workflow cadences
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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. Our auto-sync feature will automatically curate your phishing simulation testing targets within our portal as you update and maintain your list within your third-party resource.
Of course. With our group management function, you can add new employees or a client’s new additions to a specific cadence dedicated to getting them up to speed in a flash before adding them to a recurring training cadence.
Yes. A single CSV upload to start will maintain a baseline for all sends for historical reference. Additional targets would need to be added in the portal to the group so you do not lose historical data and reporting by uploading a new list every time you add a target. Our customer success and support teams can assist with specific needs.