Accurate Info

Deliver industry-leading accuracy, courtesy of our Advanced Human Detection feature, directly to your inbox for quick and easy executive-level reporting of phishing testing simulation and training campaigns.

Alert Targets

Your end users and clients will learn better when they receive real-time notifications regarding a failure status. The quickest way to mitigate and abate future failures is by ensuring targets know they failed a phishing simulation as soon as it happens.

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Analyze and Assess

With data and reporting at your fingertips and on-demand, you’ll be able to identify weak spots in your human firewall, determine which targets need more testing and training, and schedule follow-up actions to quickly address problematic failures.


Top Features

  • Quick access to information
  • Report with confidence
  • Instant failure mitigation
  • On-demand analytics capability
  • Easy-to-use setup
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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Yes. You can determine who gets what within your organization. If the boss wants to get the same campaign reports as other admins, you can do it! Want to cull the monthly sends and only provide quarterly updates? You can do that too!
You can set up instant notifications for any target as you see fit. Want to send a second test instead of a failure notification email first? You can turn automatic failure sends on and off as necessary.
Yes. If you want to create multiple real-time notifications based on different campaigns using the same target list, it’s simple and easy. You can have both phishing simulation tests reports and training email reports associated with the same target list as two separate campaigns or layer them together for a complete report for more high-level needs.