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Symantec Addresses New and Unique Facebook-Specific Attacks

Symantec addresses new and unique Facebook-specific attacks. A typical characteristic of phishing attacks is their ability to adapt with the times. With the rise of social media, the bad guys have found seemingly infinite opportunities to scam unsuspecting users. After all, social media is predicated on the unfiltered exchange of information; would-be victims are easy targets given how accustomed they have become to sharing the most intimate details of their lives.

All of this makes this report, published by Symantec in conjunction with Facebook, very much worth reading.  With over 26 billion pieces of content, two trillion link clicks, 800 million monthly visitors, and 400 million daily visitors, Facebook is the optimal place for scammers to ply their trade.

The paper spells out new and audacious attacks specific to the Facebook environment: Like/share-baiting, clickjacking, self-XSS copy/paste attacks, phishing, and various scams and spamming attacks.    The paper also provides helpful security tips that every engineer, auditor, security consultant, and IT worker should know.

Posted by PhishingBox on 04/08/2013
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