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User Credential Theft Prevention

Social engineering is the process of attacking the human, or employee, rather than the technology directly. Through social tactics, an employee is tricked into performing an action, such as installing malicious software or performing a transaction.

Ten Steps to Creating a Phishing Awareness Campaign

The following slideshare, authors Christopher Hadnagy and Michele Fincher outline ten steps to creating a phishing awareness campaign for an organization. PhishingBox provides the tools needed to easily implement such a program.

Social Tactics Remain a Significant Threat

Social tactics includes phishing and other related social engineering activities. Basically, social tactics are methods used to penetrate an organization’s cybersecurity defenses by attacking the human.

What is the phishing failure rate by industry?

Employee security awareness should include phishing prevention training. This training should include phishing simulation. However, what is an expected phishing failure rate? The following article outlines phishing failure rates by industry.

Internet Security Threat Report (ISRT) - 2019

The Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISRT) for 2019 is continues to provide valuable information for the security professional. This annual security report provides key statistics that outline cybersecurity risks experienced by various orga

Scammers plant links in Google Calendar

Have you received a calendar invite recently and something just did not feel right, Phishing Scammers are now accessing your calendar. Do not accept suspicious invites. Read some tips and find a link to the full article blow.

EY Global Information Security Survey - 2018

EY is a global leader in in assurance and advisory services. For several decades EY has been conducting a Global Information Security Survey (GISS). The 2018 security survey from EY provides some valuable insight into the cybersecurity threat. Cyb

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2018

The Symantec Internet Security Threat Report continues to be a valuable resource for companies to understand current threat vectors. The report highlights current threats and provides specific statistics related to these threats.

PhishingBox Launches ‘Phishing Reply Tracking’ Feature

PhishingBox launches 'Phishing Reply Tracking' to combat against CEO Fraud and Business Email Compromise phishing scams to help companies spot these attacks and allow them to deploy the necessary employee training and awareness to lower risk.

Phishing Alert - The Domain Name Renewal Scam

The PhishingBox team has recently noticed a surge in phishing scams related to renewing domain names, web/email hosting, etc., and we want to give some insights on ways to identify the scam and protect yourself from falling victim.

New Position: Account Manager

We are accepting applications for a full-time Account Manager, to work alongside the existing sales team in Lexington, KY. Experience in sales is required. Technology or software sales experience is a plus, but not required.